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Ethiopian Human Rights Commissioner urges to independent probe into recent attack in Oromia region

Ethiopian Human Rights Commissioner Daniel Bekele urged an independent investigation into the alleged attack resulted in the death of more than 80 people in different areas in Oromia regional state over last week.

He expresses the situation in an interview with DW Amharic, said “ the incident was shocking, tragic, and outrageous”

According to the Commissioner about 70 to 80 people stoned stabbed and killed most inside their homes.
He also urges the government to protect innocents from abuse and mistreats during the investigation.

As the quest for self-determination and disputes over administrative boundaries frequently fuels conflicts in the nation, the government has to make political decisions to resolve the problems, said the commissioner.

After activist Jawar Mohammed said police had ringed his home in Addis Ababa and tried to withdraw his government security detail, his supporters quickly took to the streets on Wednesday and Thursday to protest against his treatment.

Much of the fighting seen during protests in Ethiopia this week was ethnically tinged, eyewitnesses said on Saturday, describing attacks by young men from the Oromo ethnic group against people from other ethnic groups, Reuters reports.

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