Ethiopian Muslim teacher responds to video circulating on social media

Ethiopian Muslim teacher challenges the intentions of the video shared on social media this week that claims Alshabaab is operating in Ethiopia.

The video that was circulating on social media and reached millions of viewers claim that a Muslim Jihadist militant group is now officially started operating in Ethiopia as part of the Al-Shabaab mission that operates in neighboring Somalia for more than two decades.

The man in the video who speaks Amharic language and interviewed by another Ethiopian guy says the group is currently based in Afar and Amhara regions.

Covering his face with black clothes and holding a fully loaded automatic machine gun, the man says all Ethiopians should convert their religion to Islam or should be ready to die.

However, Ethiopian Muslim teacher on Haroon Tube, a YouTube channel, analyzed the video and concluded the video was created by some political groups who want to attack Ethiopian Muslims.

“This fake video was taken as a piece of true information and aired by several media and that is disappointing,” he says.

“The man in the video is totally not a Muslim. He even doesn’t know the basics of Islam terms and is not familiar with Islam teachings. They created this video just to attack the Ethiopian Muslims and this must be stopped,” he explains.

Referring to the locations mentioned in the video, “Why only those particular places are chosen? Why not Al-Shabab operates in other regions? The accent of the person also tells us which political group made such a video to target Ethiopian Muslims. This is just a pity political manipulation,” he concludes.

However, he could not look into and analyze the accent and the emotion of the interviewer who is completely different from the man in the video. Watch.

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