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PM Abey denies what he mentioned before the parliament was not about Jawar

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abey Ahmed yesterday confesses that he did not intend to target Jawar Mohammod during his brief to the parliament a week ago.

The Prime Minister who went to Harar yesterday, Wednesday, October 30, 2019, to discuss with the Oromo people in the area about the current intense political situation said: “Jawar took my message to a different meaning” quoting his own statement he used: “those of you who have two countries.”

Last week, during his parliament address the prime minister warned those people who have another country’s citizenship and owns media in Ethiopia should be careful. He said: “If you want to help us with stabilizing the country that is fine. If you want to play with the freedom we gave you, I am giving you this last time warning. You have a place to run after putting the country in chaos but we do not have another country. So we need to protect our country.”

However, he denied what he has said in the parliament was a different story.

“Jawar took my statement wrongly and assumed I was talking about his bodyguards. He thought I was talking about the removal of his security guards the government provided to him,” he explained.

Last week, after addressing the parliament, the prime minister headed to Russia and that same night, writing on Facebook, Jawar Mohammed called his supporters for rescue saying his security guards are going to be removed and his life is in danger.

Right after that Facebook call, his supporters begun to protest the government and over 75 people have been killed in the Oromia region just in two days.

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