Jawar holds Ethiopian Orthodox Church & Amharas hostages in Oromia region

The Ethiopian government announced at least 78 people have been killed in the violence that erupted in eastern parts of the country in the Oromia region after the Facebook call of Jawar Mohammed last week.

Many of these people who were killed by Jawar Mohammed’s supporters are Amhara nationals and Orthodox Christians.

In addition to the killings, his followers burnt and destroyed several Orthodox churches in the region.

It has been more than a week but Jawar is not being held accountable for his crimes as the government sits for discussion with him in the capital city.

However, Jawar still alerts his followers on social media to wait for the conclusion of the discussion he is having with the government for any action they might take.

“I am discussing with the government and I ask you to calm and wait until the conclusion of the discussion,” he posted on Facebook yesterday October 31, 2019.

Many claimed on social media saying Jawar is holding hostage the Amharas and Orthodox Christians to negotiate with the government.

It is not clear what kind of negotiation and discussion the government is having with Jawar as the people are asking to hold Jawar Mohammod responsible for the mass killings and arrest him.



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