Attorney General says June 22 Amhara region senior leaders, army chief Gen. Seare assassinations led by Bir. Gen Asaminew Tsige

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Berhanu Tsegaye, Ethiopia’s Attorney General, said that the June 22 assassination of the senior leadership in Amhara regional state and army chief as well as a retired general’s assassination in Addis Abeba are connected and were led by Bir. Gen. Asaminew Tsige, former security head of Amhara regional state.

Attorney General Berhanu said this at an ongoing joint press briefing between federal and regional attorney general offices as well as the federal police commission, among others, marking the end of the investigation into the killing. The investigation itself was led by Amhara regional state Attorney General’s office and involved the federal Attorney General’s office.

Berhanu also said the act was “a failed coup” and its preparations involved the use of a vast network of parallel security structure as well as government infrastructure and budget, an apparent reference to the involvement of individuals from within the federal and the regional government. The investigation has also established that General Berhanu Jula, Deputy Chief of Staff and military operations head of the Ethiopian Armed Forces, was the next target for assassination, Berhanu revealed.

General Asaminew himself was killed on June 24 by state security forces in Zenzelma area, near Bahir Dar, the capital of Amhara regional state following a shoot out with security forces.

Preparations were finalized to press charges against 68 suspects against whom material and technical evidences are collected, Berhanu said, adding that of the 68, 55 were from Bahir Dar and 13 were from Addis Abeba.



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