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Right activist Obang Metho selling books on Addis Ababa streets

I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer selling books on the street of Addis Ababa in Piazza area. The reason I decided to sell books on street is to accomplish three things

1/ To give respect to our young people who sells books on streets throughout our country and to let them know that selling books is great job like any other jobs;

2/ To promote reading and encourage our local government and society to open local libraries and give support to small business to open local bookstores in the neighborhoods.

3/ To give moral support to an outstanding Ethiopian brother with disability who sells books for living. Being a person with disability of not having legs didn’t stop him from doing remarkable things of helping and providing knowledge to our society and humanity as whole.

It was such a great honored working for him and l will forever be grateful. I sold a good number of books, worth of couple thousands of birr and he was so emotional when I handed him over the money.

What I have learned from this extraordinary human being and experience of selling books on street is that we all can make a difference through volunteering and there are many opportunities for volunteering out there. I encourage you to reach out to your local community for volunteer opportunities in your area


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