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Ethiopian Muslim top government authorities during the reign of emperor Haile silasie

Muslim great men who had placed a contribution during the era of his majesty.

Ato Ahmed Dadhi, a distinguished Arabic interpreter and a friend of the palace accompanied Ras Teffire during his many tours of Arabian lands in 1920.

* Col. Solomon Kedir – Vice-minister of customs
* Bitweded Ali Mirah – Governor of Adal and Isa, Chief Administrator of Awussa
* Ato Abdulahi Mume – Harer Custom Director, Assistance and Vice Minister in the ministry of Monetary Fund
* Dejazmach Omar Samater – Administrator of Ogaden
* Fitawrari Ahmed Ali Tase – Administrator of Harar
* Fitawrari Ibrahim Hamid – Judge in the Supreme Court
* Fitawrari Mume Arfo – Administrator of Yegaramulet
* Fitawrari Sayed Weger – Administrator
* Dejazmach Adem Abdu Lemer – Administrator of Wenbera
* Ato Osman Muhammed – Ambasodor, የህዝብ ሃብት, Assistant minister of Mayors

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