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Isaias said ‘Yiakl’ to Woyane Janda

Eritrea’s President (pictured) gave over two hours ‘lecture’ to the government-owned TV station about Ethiopia, Sudan and Middle East current and old affairs.

As expected, the president was not asked about political reform or economic situation of the country he is leading. He was asked about the challenge Eritreans’ faces from outside threat. he gave an eight minutes answer praising the sacrifice Eritreans endured.

The second and probably the most important part will be at the same time on Sunday evening.

Here are some of the president’s answers from tonight’s interview:


– Woyane’s ideology is bankrupted.
– Badme is at worse condition.
– Woyane is saying “we are surrounded’ in all directions.
– Woyane is trying hard to create friction between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
– Abiy has taken a strong and right decision against Woyane.
– We have to support Ethiopia and leadership.
– We have to create solidarity with Ethiopia.
– The worst thing that happened in Ethiopia happened in the last 30 years.
– I am more worried about Ethiopia’s ethnic conflict.
– We warned Ethiopia in 1992 about the danger of ethnic-based constitution.
– The aim of Woyane’s constitution of ‘Federal Democracy’ was to divide the people of Ethiopia.
– I wasn’t born when Badme was demarcated by the colonialist. We just accept borders given to us.
– Over the years, we have learned the hard way about regional and international politics.
– Relationships are not up to the leadership of parties, it is up to to the people.
– It is surprising to see students getting killed in Ethiopia due to the agenda of Woyane.
– We have to see the realtime information on Ethiopia.
– The poison policy of Woyane has destroyed the relationship of Ethiopians in all regions.
– Will there really be an election in Ethiopia in 2020?
– Some thinktanks with interest are working tying to destabilized Ethiopia.
– A peaceful Ethiopia will create development and trades in the region.


– Could any nation in the world able to sustain the illegal international pressure that Eritreans faced? BEQA!


– The most significant recent political development in the region happened in Sudan and Ethiopia.
– Sudanese politics was a highly developed system in the region.
– Islamist parties do not have real Islam person in them.
– Southe Sudan should not have been separated from Sudan.
– The separation of the two countries has caused the people of South and North Sudan.
– Darfur’s problem was created by the previous government.
– All Sudanese politicians were thieves. We see how the present one goes about.
– 70-80 Billion USD was stolen by the Sudan government.
– Islamist mafia controlled Sudan for 30 years.
– Woyane and the former Sudanese government were helping each other to steal from their own countries.
– Daesh and Boko Haram terrorists had offices in Sudan.
– Sudanese problem is not Nigerians or Pakistans. We care about our neighbors

– The problem of Sudan is similar to Ethiopia.

ON MIDDLE EAST & RED SEA (20 minutes, that is more than the eight minutes Eritrea got)

– The Red Sea region countries should have a united navy.

Translation by: Eritrean Press

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