Mesafint Tigabu, Alleged Killer of Late Chief of Staff, Denies Allegations

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Corporal Mesafint Tigabu, who is the prime suspect in the killing of late Ethiopian Chief of Staff General Seare Mekonnen and his colleague Major General Gezai Abrha, has denied the allegations that he killed the later generals.

The Ethiopian federal attorney general accused Corporal Mesafint of killing the army generals in Addis Ababa in what seems like a coordinated attack with a coup attempt in Amhara regional state back in June last year.

The office of the attorney general said General Seare and the retired general were shot dead in the chief of staff’s home by Mesafint who was there as a bodyguard.

Mesafint told the Lideta federal first instance high court that he did not kill the army generals and claimed he is innocent.

The coup attempt led by late Amhara’s security Chief Asaminew Tsige who was killed in a subsequent counter-attack by security forces left the head of the regional government President Ambachew Mekonnen, his adviser Ezez Wassie, and another state official Migbaru Kebede dead in a shooting in the state’s capital, Bahir Dar.

The office of the attorney general said it would bring many eyewitnesses to prove that Mesafint killed the army generals.

Last time, the attorney general pledged to bring as many as 35 eyewitnesses against Mesafint and 12 other members of the National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) who were allegedly involved in the killing of the high-level officials but released in an amnesty last week.

It is not known how many eyewitnesses the office of the federal attorney general would count against Mesafint Tigabu as the murder took place in the residence of the army general

Mesafint was in a medical condition and unable to talk for about 10 months after he suffered injuries to his throat in gunfire by another bodyguard during the killing of the army generals.

Critics say Prime Minister Abiy lost public support in Amhara regional state after the killings and the subsequent indifference to the grievance and victimhood of the Amhara people in different parts of the country.

The federal high court adjourned the case for early June and ordered the plaintiff to come with all the witnesses against Mesafint.

In another development, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has issued multiple allegations including police and military raids against its members, supporters, and offices by government security forces in different parts of Ethiopia’s Oromia region.

The party leaders, in a briefing, said the ruling government under the leadership Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is engaged in violation of the human rights of members of political parties including detention.

The government on its part said except one, no OLF member is detained in any part of the country.

OLF in a statement warned that it will enter into an armed struggle if the government continues to violate the human rights of its members and does not disclose the whereabouts of senior OLF officials including its senior official Abdi Regassa.



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