When air safety investigators release an interim report on the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max some time before Tuesday, they are likely to place the blame on the jet’s automated flight control system as well as on the pilots and their training, but it’s unclear yet which […]

Virginia residents can now have consensual premarital sex without the possibility of being charged with a crime and a fine of up to $250. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam signed legislation Wednesday repealing the state’s law, which was declared unconstitutional by the Virginia Supreme Court in 2005, that classified fornication as […]

Read how carefully they’ve selected the different words and phrases in order to frame Ethiopia as being ‘undiplomatic’ and disrespectful towards the Arab world in this article. Read their baseless, vicious, and calculated claims and accusations against Ethiopia… Egypt continues its public relations ‘campaign’ against Ethiopia’s legitimate stand on the […]

Bloomberg) — One year after losing his wife in the Boeing Co. 737 Max crash in Ethiopia, it’s the lack of information about what happened that is prolonging Bayihe Demissie’s grief. This week, more than 500 family members of victims of the disaster will gather at the crash site outside […]

Ethiopian Airlines marked International Women’s Day by operating an all-women flight from Addis Ababa to Washington DC. The flight, which took place on March 7, was operated by female professionals in the sky as well as on the ground. Women handled all the ground operations including flight dispatch, load control, […]

Fresh calamity hit China on Saturday after a hotel converted to Corona virus quarantine facility unexpectedly collapsed, trapping at least 70 people. The five-story Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou city went down at about 7:30 p.m. local time. “I was just having dinner and I suddenly heard a loud bang and […]

Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed has held today discussion with residents of Dawuro zone in the SNNP regional state. As part of his two-year country wide public consultations, the Prime Minister arrived in Tercha town, Dawuro zone, earlier this morning. Upon arrival in the town, he was received warmly by […]