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Ethiopia: Anger over OMN live transmitted video that has a potential to create ethnic conflict

Last updated on March 9, 2020

Ethiopian social media users showed serious concern over the video circulating on social media after it was aired by the Oromo Media Network (OMN) today during March 8 special program organized by the station itself.

The video shows a young lady speaking in the Afan Oromo language saying all Oromos must stop living with other ethnic groups in any form of a social contract, especially with the Neftegnas.

The lady tells the participants of the meeting that Oromos should not be marring other ethnic groups other than from their ethnic group. She also mentioned, even those who already married to another ethnic group should come to their senses and divorce their marriage. She also went on to say, “Don’t mix with others and bring the dirt to the Oromos. The Qerro struggle will be on those Oromos who engage themselves with the Neftegnas.”

Prominent Oromo politicians were attending the meeting and have been seen cheering and clapping for the lady instead of trying to stop such a hateful message.

OMN broadcasted the full speech, about 15 min long video that is totally hateful and could cause ethnic violence in the country.

Many expressed their anger on social media saying the government’s silence is helping the station to spread such kinds of hate speech.

It is not the first time when the TV station OMN broadcasts such hateful messages. Last year, one of the Oromo elites and political party leader was calling the Oromo people not to engage in any kind of business with the people who speak a different language other than Afan Oromo.

“That is how we can get rid of others in our region,” he said.


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