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Politics wears religious mask in the current Ethiopia

In the last two years of Ethiopian politics, religion was a hiding mask to create an agenda. This is not because politicians want to bring religions to political discourse. No! It is simply using religions as a battlefield to gain political dominance.

Lets us just leave behind what happened in the past two years in this regard and just look at the incident that happened yesterday on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, in the Amhara region, North Showa, Enewary town.

What happened?

Residents of the town and other people from surroundings have burned down a 20 years old Evangelical church and damaged a temporary tent set by an NGO and also injured at least two people.

Why? DW reported that the NGO announced it gives a free medical service for the people who have eyesight problems. However, alongside the NGO that encompasses several foreigners preaches the bible and asks the people to turn to a different religion which caused the disagreement that lasts with the damage of the Church and property.

Whose fault was that? Who can be the actors in this circumstance? Listen to the following brief review.





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