Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER July 10, 2020 Addis Ababa Press Release

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Since the tragic incident of June 29, 2020 which claimed the life of Hachalu Hundesa and the destruction that ensued in some towns in the Oromia region, the government has been actively engaged in maintaining the rule of law and holding all perpetrators accountable.

Contrary to erroneous reporting by various outlets, Addis Ababa as well as implicated towns in the Oromia region have all returned to calm and citizens have resumed normal activities.

According to the Attorney General’s statement from today, the criminal investigation to identify and hold to account Hachalu Hundesa’s killers has been ongoing since last week, with the coordinated collaboration of the relevant government bodies leading to the arrest of key suspects.

As at today, two of the suspects apprehended for their involvement in the killing have confessed to committing the crime, while a third who is directly involved in the killing is still at large. In this regard, members of the public have been asked to provide any information relating to his whereabouts or any information that may lead to his capture.

Ethiopia’s transition from an autocratic state to a nascent democracy is underway and is inevitable. The government recognizes that this journey is tumultuous and filled with many obstacles as structures, systems and networks that remained under the grip of authoritarianism are slowly being chiseled away. The critical reform milestones enabled in the past two and half years will continue taking root as the administration remains committed to staying the course.

This political will at the highest level is anchored in establishing a just and democratic order that pays heed to equality and respect of fundamental rights and dignity of every citizen. It is anchored in respecting and upholding the Constitution, which guarantees fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to life and security of person.

It is anchored in ensuring and maintaining the rule of law, as no one is above the law of the land. Erroneous and narrow narratives being pushed through traditional and social media, aimed at tarnishing the irrefutable democratic milestones Ethiopia has achieved amidst a complex environment, is not only dangerous but simplistic in assessing the realities on the ground. Therefore, care and caution are required in generating analysis over rushed generalizations.



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