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Ethiopia’s top amazing places to visit

Tourism accounts for at least 5.5% of the country’s gross domestic product. Although it is not a famous tourist destination yet, Ethiopia has a lot to offer and should be on top of your next to visit list.

Just like in all countries worldwide, Ethiopia has been greatly affected by the novel coronavirus. Strict measures were put in place, including temporary entry restrictions into the country to curb the spread of the virus.

However, Ethiopian borders have since been opened, and anyone planning to visit this beautiful country should check Ethiopian travel restrictions to find out what measures are still in place even post COVID-19.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the top places that you should visit while in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia and the fourth largest city in Africa. Sitting atop the Entoto mountains, Addis Ababa is a lively city with beautiful museums and orthodox churches that you can explore.

The home to the African Union, Addis Ababa, has exciting nightspots with eateries serving exotic Ethiopian food. Some of the places to visit in Addis Ababa include; the hot springs at Awash national park, the Entoto mountains, and the crater lakes at Debre Zeyit.


Harar is among Ethiopia’s most impressive historical sites. Harar reflects the long and colourful history of the country and is located in the East of Ethiopia. With its many fascinating sites, Harar is one of the prominent Muslim pilgrimages.

Some of the main attractions in Harar include the old walled town, which is said to have been established in the 1540s and houses a total of 90 mosques, and the town’s oldest custom where a chosen inhabitant walks out of the city where he calls and feeds the hyenas that live in nearby places, right from his hand. Interesting right? Read more here.

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