New law in Ethiopia threatens two years in jail for failing to wear a mask

Ethiopia’s attorney general’s office this week detailed new restrictions concerning the coronavirus which require all citizens to wear masks or face up to two years in jail, according to Reuters.

Concern that citizens are beginning to become too relaxed in regard to spreading the virus led to the new rules, Reuters reported.

“Now it is as if COVID is no longer there, the public is not taking care,” Health Minister Lia Tadesse tweeted Thursday, according to Reuters. “This will cause a possible increase in the spread of the disease and might be a threat to the nation.”

Under the new law, citizens will face fines and imprisonment of up to two years in jail if they do not comply with the new restrictions, Ethiopia’s attorney general outlined in a Facebook post.

Other countries around the globe have begun to take a more strict approach to protect citizens from the coronavirus as well. Ireland recently reimposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent the number of cases from rising.

The global count of coronavirus cases has reached more than 41,396,000 and resulted more than 1,133,000 deaths worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins.

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