Letter to President Donald Trump from Interdimensional Media Network

President Donald J Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr President,

With due respect to your office I hereby in this letter refrain from being excessively appalled and avoid using profanity in describing what I feel. In fact the Oval Office is an honorable place and most folks before you have been honorably guarding it. Now you have turned it into “square”.

Long story short, the focus of this letter is your most recent public statements and your beef with Ethiopia which is building her GERD – The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam which is being built using its citizens’ Fund, Sweat and Labor. You have said a lot from your comfort zone name-calling and dished out many other Idiotic Foreign Policy Statements – such as the S…H label you gave to Africa. We didn’t care to engage you then and even now by calling you W…T. But Africa is gentle. If you care to learn it is S.W – which means Supremely Whole. Hard for wholesomeness to stoop to your level and play tit for tat. Gigantic shame and colossal disgrace.

Please excuse me if I don’t belabor on your sub-zero knowledge on Africans and other things that don’t satiate your huge ego. History will avenge. By hating Ethiopia you have nothing to show the world but your ignorance. You can’t win nor your favorite dictators in the region. It has been tried time and again throughout history. Ethiopia is not what you see in the present map. Get this before you are blotted out come November – Ethiopia is a state of mind which the world can’t comprehend unless they look at it with new lenses as EUTOPIA. All Africa and the informed world is behind Ethiopia – because of its ideals and mystical past which undeniably give her the leadership and winning edge. During its stellar past it had managed governing continents and reaching out to uncharted territories as the first ship-builder in the world. Now what you see is a land-locked country seemingly weak as a result of Euro-Centric miseducation and Dark Forces intrigue.

The time of reckoning has arrived. Either you stand with the Africans or else. Here we are looking not only at our gone-by yesterdays but at a new day pass November-third and COVID.

GERD can be part of the Great Awakening and the Dawn of a New Age for Ethiopia and the world. As head of this Great Nation shouldering enormous responsibility it is unethical to call out for the bombing of a sovereign country regardless of the millions of dollars that secretly flowed to your campaign in 2016 according to CNN’s exclusive expose’. Patently Idiotic Foreign Policy. Misfit for the Presidency through and through.

Ethiopians won’t give a damn about what you wish for the Dam and your dumb statements. The Dam will remain as Africa’s Landmark long after you are gone. Yes you have built visible and invisible iron walls that divide people and countries. Not withstanding your infamous status as wall-builder, you should have taken a lesson or two from your predecessors: like Lincoln the Abolishinist and Regan’s resonating words “…tear down the wall Mr Gorbachev!”. And Bill Clinton’s quick wit and instinct for his swift withdrawal from Somalia after the aborted excursion and following my letter I wrote him then. However, your divisive agenda and Hitlersque stand on racial issues here domestically is dividing the American people and hurting the nation by erosion – eating away its heart and soul. Your leadership is total failure.

Finally it will be befitting to give some parting shots if your “perceptive” mind can take it. First of all don’t mess with Ethiopia. It is like handling a fire ball. Both Mussolini and Hitler have failed miserably. Lesson number two is: when you pick your Bible next time Read Exodus Ch 14:14 that says “…the Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”. Thus Pharoah’s armies were decimated. The Covenant is undoubtedly manifested in favor of The Ethiopians when the Lord declares in Amos Ch 9:7 “ Are you not as the sons of Ethiopia to me O sons of Israel?”

There are mysterious Spiritual Forces  that win battles and not missiles.

Wish you a nice vacation with Amazing Grace.

Yafet Tekle

Cc: U.S. House of Representatives

Cc: The International Press

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