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TPLF Starts War on Ethiopian Defense Forces

(EP) TPLF forces opened fire on military barracks of the Ethiopian Defense Force (EDF), said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on his Facebook account (pictured).

“TPLF has now crossed the red line and EDF has been given orders to take a full military action against the aggressor,” said Abiy.

“TPLF has opened a war front around Dalshah against EDF,” added the PM.

Internet shutdown has been implemented in the de facto Tigray this evening, cutting the Digital Weyane off from the world.

Heavy shooting is also heard in the region capital city Mekelle as well as in Wolkait and Alamata.

Panic seems to have overtaken Mekelle.

The spokesperson of TPLF Ayte Getachew Reda wrote on his Facebook page saying “let’s keep calm.”

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