Ethiopia on Tuesday began its second week of aerial bombardment in Tigray, the northernmost region of the Horn of Africa nation that saw an insurgency against the federal government. “A special forces training center of the terrorist group Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been the target of Tuesday’s airstrike,” […]

United Nations (UN) admitted on Friday that authorities in the rebel-held Tigray forced U.N. humanitarian flights to be suspended. UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said the UN “received instructions to abort landing by the Mekelle airport control tower,” referring to personal of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) controlling the airport […]

The terrorist TPLF’s military facility located around Adwa has been destroyed today by an airstrike, Government Communication Service said. The group was using the facilities to manufacture military equipment and duplicated ENDF outfits, it added. The western front of Mai Tsebri which was serving as a training and military command […]

The Ethiopian National Defense Force has conducted successful airstrike targeting the terrorist TPLF manufacturing and training facility in Adwa. The airstrike has destroyed the facility in which the terrorist TPLF manufactures military equipment and fake military uniforms use by its forces. According to the Government Communication Service, today’s surgical strikes […]

By Andrew Korybko: American political analyst One of the means through which America is waging its Hybrid War on Ethiopia is via corrupt UN officials. Three recent scandals expose the scope of this unprecedented meddling campaign. They’re worthy of examination in order to better understand the mechanisms at play, the impact they’ve had […]

This Day Live Selected Nigerian aviation journalists Recently visited exotic tourist destinations in Ethiopia. Chinedu Eze who was part of the trip, writes that Ethiopia remains invaluable treasure to Africa and mankind. It is true that COVID-19 devastated the global economy. It also eroded air transport, which it left writhing […]

Voters in southwestern Ethiopia cast their ballots in favor of breaking away into a separate regional state within the Horn of African country in an referendum last month, authorities announced on Saturday. Following the result of the vote, released by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, lawmakers in parliament’s upper […]

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came out swinging on Thursday against US threats to remove Ethiopia from a key trade pact over the humanitarian crisis in Tigray. The prime minister’s office released a video urging the United States not to expel Ethiopia from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which […]

Ethiopian Airlines has signed an eight-year operating lease agreement with TrueNoord, the specialist regional aircraft lessor. Manufactured by De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (“De Havilland Canada”), the new Dash 8-400 (MSN 4621) will be integrated into the fleet for immediate operation. Funding for the aircraft was provided by TrueNoord’s […]