Addis Ababa Launches Campaign to Vaccinate About 1 Mil City Residents With Anti-Covid-19 Doses

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Addis Ababa City Health Bureau has launched a 10-day campaign today to vaccinate about 1 million residents of Addis Ababa aged 12 or above with anti-COVID-19 doses.

To that end, 777 vaccination teams have been deployed across the city.

Addis Ababa City Health Bureau Head, Dr. Yohanes Chala said the vaccination campaign that targets to reach about 1 million residents of the city aged 12 and above will be given for 10 consecutive days in governmental health facilities and temporary vaccination centers.

According to him, the Bureau has planned to vaccinate close to 1 million people of the stated age who are residents of the city.

Noting that the worsening spread of the pandemic has necessitated the jabbing campaign, the head said, COVID-19 vaccines such as AstraZeneca, Sino pharm, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson, which are either purchased or donated, are available in the health facilities.

In addition to the government health facilities, industrial parks, Markets, Malls, training centers, schools and other places close to the community will be accessed during the campaign, he said.

Yohanes urged the general public to take advantage of the opportunity brought by the campaign.

Ethiopia has administered 5, 066, 269 doses and vaccinated 3,672, 765 people until yesterday.



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