Sudan Denies Reports of Resumed Clashes at Border With Ethiopia

KHARTOUM (Sputnik) – Sudanese and Ethiopian armies have not clashed again on their common border contrary to news media reports, a source in Sudan’s military said on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, several Arab media reported the renewal of hostilities at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border.

“Reports about the renewal of clashes between the Sudanese army and Ethiopian forces are not true,” the source said.

Over the past weekend, the Sudanese army said that it repelled an attempted incursion by Ethiopian troops, adding that the confrontation claimed lives from both sides. Sudanese media reported that the attack by the Ethiopian army was part of an offensive against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) rebels, who were currently advancing toward the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa. In particular, the Ethiopian forces tried to push TFLP deep into Sudan, local media said.

The Ethiopian government, for its part, denied claims of the assault at the border with Sudan, citing various insurgent groups operating in Tigray as possible attackers. Earlier this month, it imposed a six-month state of emergency throughout the country amid recurrent onslaughts by the TPLF.

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