Ethiopian Government Decided to End Conflict, statement

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The Ethiopian government is taking various steps to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to people in need in the Tigray region. As a result, the United Nations has increased the number of humanitarian flights and streamlined its supply of fuel and cash to aid agencies. In addition, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU) have facilitated the delivery of humanitarian aid.

However, it is being observed that thousands of residents of the Tigray region are currently traveling to neighboring regions in search of humanitarian assistance. As a result, the good deeds of the people living in the neighboring states of Tigray by receiving humanitarian aid from the Tigray region are a reflection of the spirit of brotherhood and unity among the people. The government strongly believes that if these people are left to fend for themselves, their abuse will be reduced. Therefore, the government recognizes that its responsibility to address the plight of its most vulnerable citizens is paramount and to make every effort to ensure that emergency humanitarian supplies reach the Tigray region adequately.

Accordingly, the government has decided to put an end to the humanitarian crisis, which will take effect from the moment of this decision, in order to save the lives of those in dire straits and reduce the risk of violence. In this regard, the government calls for a significant increase in the support and assistance provided by the international donor community.

It reaffirms its commitment to work with stakeholders to ensure that humanitarian assistance is delivered to those in need. The government believes that the success of this effort and commitment in improving the humanitarian situation will be matched by the commitment of the other party. The government’s decision aims to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to people in need. Therefore, in order for the ceasefire decision to be effective, the government requires the rebels in the Tigray region to refrain from any aggression and to withdraw from the occupied territories.

The Ethiopian government hopes that this decision to end the humanitarian conflict will significantly improve the situation in northern Ethiopia and provide a lasting solution to the conflict without further bloodshed.

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