Residents say fighting has broken out on the border between Ethiopia and Sudan

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Fighting broke out between government forces and TPLF forces in and around Bereket town on the Ethiopian-Sudanese border, according to local residents.

Residents told Al Ain Amharic that heavy gunfire had been heard. An unnamed commenter said it had been four days since the shooting at Bereket, 25 miles [25 km] from Humera town.

Locals say the fighting broke out in Hamdit and Lugdi areas of Sudan. The residents we asked who started the war: He said it was the TPLF forces in Sudan.

The residents: According to Al Ain Amharic, the TPLF forces who fled Humera to Sudan have now declared war on Sudan after the federal government declared a “law enforcement campaign.”

Residents say there are those who say the fighting is between Ethiopia and Sudan, but this is not true.

Residents say the current war is not between Ethiopia and Sudan, but between Ethiopian government forces and TPLF militants in Sudan.

The Ethiopian government has not yet commented on the matter. Fighting between the federal government and the TPLF erupted last October, with both sides expressing their desire for a peaceful end to the conflict.

Eight months after the start of the war, the Ethiopian government declared a ceasefire in Tigray, but the TPLF infiltrated the Amhara region and carried out large-scale attacks.

The government said it had vacated most of the TPLF-held areas of Amhara and Afar, but the TPLF said it had left for peace. At a recent meeting of the Prosperity Party, he stated that he would use “any” peace option to resolve the conflict peacefully with the TPLF.

The government communication service said in a statement today that it had decided to end the conflict with the aim of providing humanitarian assistance.



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