The New Humanitarian – BULE HORA, ETHIOPIA In a hotel dining room in the southern Ethiopian town of Bule Hora, a group of young Ethiopians pin drawings of trees to the wall. Each tree, they explain, represents one of them – some of them ethnic Gedeos, the rest Guji Oromos […]

(The Conversation) — When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018, the political reforms and initiatives he promised were met with much hope and optimism. He promised to address Ethiopia’s deteriorating ethnic relations, to build national unity, and reignite the stalled democratic process. And his efforts to end […]

Despite the lifting of UN sanctions in 2018, Eritrea remains diplomatically isolated. And its rapprochement with Ethiopia has not contributed to the relaxation of the regime that President Issayas Afeworki introduced in 1993. Still as secret as ever, he is surrounded by the faithful, who have accompanied him since independence. […]