(Brana Press) – “T.P.L.F’s defeat is Victory to Humanity” – Amhara National Movement (ANM) party in its detailed document claims “Time for Reappraisal of Peace, Security in the Horn of Africa. On the PDF document sent to Brana Press, ANM discusses  the rise and fall of an Illegitimate Power Tigrean […]

Beza Tesfaye The deadly violence that rocked Ethiopia this summer following the death of artist Hachalu Hundessa has been a subject of much speculation and contention. The facts as we know them are that immediately following the assassination close to 250 people died and thousands were jailed, mostly in the […]

Middle East Monitor As part of its efforts to end negotiations on the Ethiopia dam project, Egypt has been working to undermine and remove Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok because he fully adopts the Ethiopian vision, internal sources have said. Speaking to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, the sources said: “Cairo has the […]

Following the postponement of the elections scheduled for August, Ethiopia might have to form an interim government before the term of the current parliament ends in early October. This would mean incorporating the opposition—that was preparing to challenge Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed in August—into some sort of government of national […]

Residents express deep concern about planned relocation as aid groups say the move risks exposure to COVID-19. Ethiopia is stepping up preparations to go ahead with a planned closure of a camp for Eritrean refugees, despite concerns among residents and calls by aid agencies to halt their relocation over coronavirus […]

The Guardian On a December morning last year, students at Ambo University in Ethiopia’s Oromia region awoke to find threatening notices pinned to the walls of their dormitories. The message was simple: boycott classes. Anyone failing to do so would face punishment. Written by Oromo student activists calling themselves the […]