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Besides its claim to make Afan Oromo federal language, Ethiopian government shuts all Amharic teaching schools in Oromia

(BRANA PRESS) Besides its agenda to make Afan oromo the Federal language, Ethiopian government shuts all schools that teach in the Amharic language in the Oromia region.

Students whose mother tongue is Amharic is now suffering and parents could not even complain about it because of local authorities suppression.

Many schools in East Hararige, Jimma, Wellega, and Western Showa zones are all banned the Amharic teaching schools.

Parents who afford to pay and have close relatives have sent their kids to Addis Ababa where there is a better chance to find schools that teaches n kids mother tongue.

The Federal constitution gives children the right to learn by their mother tongue.

The closure of the Amharic school teaching in the region comes after the claims of developing the Oromo language and to limit the Amharic interference.



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