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Circus: Ethiopia’s newest export

Tucked behind a colorful tin roof dwelling in Addis Ababa, acrobats of all ages are spinning, contorting and balancing in ways that seemingly defy the laws of physics.

Off to the left of the action is their ringleader, Dereje Dange — a world-class juggler who can easily keep seven hats going at once,

Yet nowadays, he has little time for sleights of hand. As president of Ethiopia’s renowned Fekat Circus, he’s tasked with organizing tours around the continent, wrangling funds for their community circus school, and managing hospital outreach programs.

Fekat is fiercely promoting and fostering circus talent in Ethiopia to share with the world.

CNN caught up with the group in the final stretch of its monthlong tour across the country. Riding in an indigo retro-style bus from town to town, their stops are many, but their goal is simple: engage crowds with fantastical feats in the hopes of starting a circus movement.

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