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Ethiopia: Oromia region celebrates PM Nobel Prize while police ban Adddis Ababa protest rally

People in Oromia region, the biggest region in the country are holding a street demonstration to celebrate the Prime Minister Abey Ahemed’s Nobel Prize Award.

The Prime Minister has been rcognized by the Nobel Prize Organization for his effort to bring peace btween Ethiopia and Eritrea since he took office two years ago.

The Oromia region governmnt wher the Prime Minister is backed by his ethnic thies called the demonstration to take place in all cities of the region.

Meanwhile the Addis Ababa police banned the planned biggest protest rally called by the residents’ representativs Bale-Adera one month ago.

It was a surprise for the people the government continue supressing fredome of exprssion after its Prime Minister recognized for having an intention for political stability and respect for human rights.

Police also arrested several organizers of the Addis Ababa protest rally and did not release them until this moment

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