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#Ethiopia: Letter to the International Criminal Court and all nations across the globe

Last updated on October 26, 2019

Letter to the International Criminal Court and all nations across the globe who care for peace and justice, and value liberty and the right to live

On the day of October 22, 2019, Mr. Jawar Mohammad, an Oromo ultra-nationalist and extremist with a large following who recently moved to Ethiopia from the US, wrote on his Facebook page that an attempt was being made to remove his security guards by the government in the middle of the night, making a call to his one and a half million Facebook followers.

Following his paranoid call for help on his Facebook page, Mr. Jawar Mohammad’s mob of extremists began, overnight, storming the streets holding sticks, rocks, and machetes. They closed roads all around the Oromia region using rocks, and began hunting non-Oromo Ethiopians in the region – namely, Amharas, Gurages, Wolaytas, Tigrayans and others of non-Oromo descent. Even Oromos who do not support Mr. Jawar Mohammad were allegedly targeted and attacked.

Within two days, innocent Ethiopian civilians were brutally slaughtered in broad daylight, stoned to death, entire families were massacred, their homes burned, and their bodies dragged in the streets for everyone to see.

Mr. Jawar’s extremist mob also burned Orthodox Churches in the region, slaughtering laymen. Photos of those murdered surfaced on social media, videos of innocent and unarmed Ethiopian civilians being stoned with rocks and beaten with sticks to death with their blood spilling and their bodies being dragged by Mr. Jawar’s ethno-fascist mob circulated on Facebook.

Mr. #Abiy Ahmed’s government and law force has not done anything of effect to prevent or put a halt to the mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing, and anarchy in the Oromia region. To the Ethiopian people’s dismay, government officials instead apologized to Mr. Jawar Mohammad, stating that “although the government had not attempted to arrest him, what had been done to him was a mistake”.

To add insult to injury, officials of the Oromo government gathered at Mr. Jawar’s residence for an apparent press conference. Meanwhile, Mr. Abiy Ahmed, travelling overseas for diplomatic work, has not said a word about the anarchy and mass massacre unfolding in his country, let alone going back to his country at once for the emergency, enforcing the rule of law, and bringing the aggressors and their leader Mr. Jawar to justice.

The Ethiopian people are fast losing hope in Mr. Abiy Ahmed’s government and are living in fear in a failed state with no night-watchman. There’s no police force that effectively defends its civilians, no military force that protects innocent civilians, and no leadership that Ethiopian civilians can hope to rely on for their lives.

We, Ethiopians for Peace and Justice, contend that Ethiopia’s situation is a matter that needs the immediate attention of International law and request that the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate the matter.

We call upon every nation across the globe that stands against ethnic apartheid and fascism, cares for peace and justice, and values liberty and the right to live, stand with innocent Ethiopian civilians.

Ethiopians for Peace and Justice

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