The incumbent government ruling over Ethiopia is headed by an Oromo prime minister, Abiye Ahmed ,who won Nobel Peace prize of 2019. The coming in to power of this Oromo prime minister is the aftermath of the mass resentment done against brutal and corrupted rule of Tigrian minority ganga under […]

Addis Ababa (AFP) Ethiopia’s influential Orthodox church on Sunday criticised Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s response to ethnic and religious clashes that have left nearly 70 people dead, saying he was failing to protect its members. Violence erupted in the capital Addis Ababa and the outlying Oromia region on Wednesday after […]

Dr. Abiy’s public address regarding the recent ordeal is what every leader would do. Not less or not more, It is carefully and maturely addressed. However, the question is, Will it be followed by action or will it just be talk like many talks in the past? Time will tell. […]

As a self-appointed photo collector, I go ahead and collect each photograph that comes my way. The man whom this image indicates being dragged to his death was certainly someone’s loved one. He was once a beloved son of his mother, a brother, maybe a husband and a father himself, […]

By; Aman Although Ethiopia has survived for thousands of years though not with such weak leadership, it will despite Abiy’s rudderless organization and blind faith in humanity. Dr. Abiy has become a figurehead without power to uphold the rule of law. He has turned Ethiopia into a lawless country by […]

Addis-Ababa- Ethiopia: Between Wednesday, October 23rd and Thursday, October 24th, protesters across Ethiopia’s Oromia Federal State launched violent attacks against non-Oromos residing in the state, killing at least 63 people, leaving around three hundred seriously wounded, and burned numerous homes and business ventures of non-Oromos. Orthodox Churches and Orthodox believers […]

Questions 1. Was this riot and mob violence a random outburst following Jawar Mohammed’s disclosure that his security detail is being removed by the government or was it premeditated and organized meant to preempt the government? 2. If the latter, what is the leadership, funding and organizational architecture of this […]