Ethiopia: Time to end the hostage crisis

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Jawar Mohammed is probably the first fool in the world who tried to take a government his hostage. After he plunged the entire country into crisis by instigating deadly ethnically motivated attacks led by his ruthless lynch mobs.

He is again threatening to trigger another round of ethnic terrorism. At a time when the nation is grieving the death of over 80 innocent civilians in an unspeakable atrocity, the buffoon is trying to dictate the fate of the country and the government. This must be one of the lowest moments in our history.

While the patience of the government is appreciated, there is a limit to everything. The choice is clear. The government must either apprehend the terrorist, along with his accomplices and end the ridiculous hostage crisis, or surrender to the terrorists so that they can destroy the whole country.

It is in the best interest of everyone for the government to act swiftly and decisively before the country is entirely run over by the Matchette wielding brutes. It is now or never!

Abebe Gellaw



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