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PM Abiy should be held accountable for the inept handling of the threat Egypt poses before it’s too late.

Egypt unilaterally asked the US to join talks on GERD and the World Bank is in it too. Now these 2 would be “observers” in the upcoming talks as well.

The real outcome of the US involvement thus far appears to be the affirmation of article 10-which in part reads “…they may jointly request for conciliation, mediation or refer the matter for the consideration of the Heads of State/Heads of Government.”

The matter has already been referred to the leaders and nothing concrete came of their meetings. So, the last recourse, as the latest statement highlighted by explicitly mentioning article 10, is mediation.

So, we said we do not want mediators and the US is not a mediator…but we NOW did not only agree for mediation but even set a time table when to start the process which is what Egypt has demanded all along! This catastrophic development is being sold as a “win” by Amb Fistum Arega and FM Gedu….this is Badme dé·jà vu.

It is not only that we just agreed for a mediation, which we said we do not want, or that there’s a ridiculously short time table, it even appears we agreed to have mediators handpicked by Egypt.

President Trump has sidelined career officials/institutions, thrown out a long-held US policy on the issue, and might as well jeopardized the long term interest of both the US and Ethiopia…apparently just to help a friend who praises him on Twitter.

But at the end of the day, it is not the Donald, Fistum or Gedu who are responsible, it’s PM Abiy PMO who should be held accountable for the inept handling of the threat Egypt poses…before it’s too late…unless it already is.

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