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Sudan starts teaching Amharic, Afan Oromo language courses in universities

The Sudanese International University of Africa to start Amharic and Afan Oromo courses in undergraduate programs. Likewise, Kotebe Metropolitan College agreed to start giving Arabic language course.

Amanuel Alemayehu (PhD), School of Journalism and communication’s dean at Addis Ababa University, told Addis Zemen that a committee drawn from Addis Ababa Education Bureau, Kotebe Metropolitan College and Addis Ababa University was sent to Sudan.

The committee has reached consent to render Arabic language courses at Kotebe Metropolitan College whereas Amharic and Afan Oromo languages shall be given at Sudan University.

Amanuel elaborated that Sudan International University of Africa had been working with Addis Ababa Education Bureau and Kotebe Metropolitan University. And this agreement is a further extension of the cooperation.

The committee from Ethiopia to Sudan has requested the Sudan International University of Africa to render various Ethiopian language courses at its university.

This would enhance the historic relationship between people of the two countries. Thus, a bilateral agreement has been signed between the two countries.

Amanuel said Amharic language has been given at Khartoum University. However, rendering the courses at the Sudan international university of Africa opens another opportunity for the expansion of the language since the university hosts students from various African and other continents. Thus, the occasion has significant contribution to the development of the languages.

The necessary requirement the schools were being fulfilled to put the agreementv into practice. Deploying qualified teachers with the necessary educational materials will be sponsored by Sudan University, as to Amanuel.

About 30 graduating students from Addis Ababa University were sent to Sudan in order to practice Arabic language outside of school. The opportunity would help the students improve their language ability, he said.

Almetum Foundation of Saudi Arabia has also pledged to cover the financial expense when the agreement is put into effect, it was learnt.

The Ethiopian Herald November 9/2012

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