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Radisson Blue to launch branch in Bahir Dar

The International brand hotel, Radisson Hotel Group, is going to open a branch in Bahir Dar, capital city of Amhara Regional State, it was learnt.
As The Ethiopian Herald learnt from yesterday’s international hotel management agreement ceremony, after negotiation with the Radisson Hotel Group, Bahir Dar’s Grand Resort and Spa has been renamed to Radisson Bahir Dar, the hotels second branch in the country.

The owner of Grand Business Group, Tiliksew Gedamu stated during the ceremony that the negotiation took two years to bring the hotel to Bahir Dar. “The renovation of the hotel will be completed and the project will become a reality after six months”, she said.

Business Development Manager of Radisson Hotel Group, Simone Kuhn noted that the hotel will play a vital role in job creation; contribute for local and national economy.
Dr. Hirut Kassaw, Minister of Culture and Tourism, briefed journalists after the ceremony that this international hotel management agreement between the two business groups has a great contribution for the development of tourism sector of the country.

She also said that the hotel will play important role for knowledge and skill transfer.

“As Bahir Dar city is a major tourist destination, the hotel will have great contribution for the city and Amhara regional state. I invite everyone to follow her example”, she indicated.

The Ethiopian Herald

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