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South Africa willing to facilitate dialogue between Ethiopia, Egypt over Nile project

Ethiopian Prime Minister was received at the Union Buildings during an official visit.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has agreed to assist the Ethiopian government in solving its impasse with Egypt over the massive Nile dam project.

Egypt is blaming Ethiopia for the failure of the latest round of talks on the construction of the dam which is a critical issue for Cairo as it wants to protect its main freshwater source for its large and growing population.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is on a state visit to South Africa, called on Ramaphosa to intervene during talks at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Sunday.

President Ramaphosa will soon take over the chairmanship of the African Union.

“A solution is possible because the two countries are great countries and the Nile river is important to both countries, and there must be a way in which a solution can be found. As for ourselves, we are willing to play a role in facilitating whatever agreement that can be crafted.”

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was received at the Union Buildings during an official visit to the country.

“With regards to Ethiopia’s interests to create sustainable cooperation with the Nile basin countries, Ethiopia has always been and is committed to the capitalization of Nile water for all the Persians countries during your AU chairmanship. I hope this kind of issue within Africa will be somehow managed or intervened under your leadership.”


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