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Student creates 350 emojis to change African story from poverty to beauty

O’Plerou Denis Grebet, an Ivorian artist, is making Africa proud by telling positive stories about the continent – Grebet has created 350 emojis that celebrate the beauty of African culture in all its forms – The 22-year-old artist was inspired to create emojis about Africa because images he saw about the continent annoyed him, Ivorian artist, O’Plerou Denis Grebet is passionate about portraying Africa in a positive light. This has led to the creation of 350 emojis that celebrate the beauty of African culture in all its forms.

According to CNN, Grebet was looking for free stock images of Africa for a project but only came across negative images of disease and poverty. The negative images about Africa annoyed him and propelled him to create images that will depict the beauty of the continent. “I noticed that media and most articles about Africa were talking about the bad side of the continent only. They reduced the image of it to a land in war where people are poor and hungry. These elements are true but it’s not everywhere on the continent,” he said.

The 22-year-old Abidjan-based student said he has always been artistic and spent time as a child constantly drawing. His Instagram page is filled with beautiful pieces depicting different forms of art he picked from the African culture.


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