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Mr. PM @Abey Ahmed Ali you missed the last chance I saved to support you in any political leadership or election campaigns you may have in the coming months. I thought you deserve my support but I was mistaken. You just missed it, I am sorry.

I am Ethiopian. I am Orthodox.

You have been reluctant and careless when my church is being targeted and when Christians were attacked many times in the past two years in your origin region, Oromia just in front of your face. Churches have been burnt to ash, people being killed for their religion and extremists continued to disrupt prayers and holidays. You said nothing about it, you even tried to divert the attention of the international organizations and the media by setting a different agenda.

I feel sorry that I was one of the citizens who believed in you when you say you will bring peace and reconciliation in our country when you promised no one will be targeted for his religion or ethnic background.

Paradoxically, you take no measure during those all incidents, you make no pressure to stop such antagonistic and extreme attitude. Your silence helped the problem to increase and today, we see churches in Addis Ababa are also in danger for the Timket holiday which is registered by UNESCO in relation to the flag they wave.

Who has the right to chose flags or banners institutions can carry? You? The Oromia President? The Police? Which constitution article states that? Did anyone except the party itself chose the flag for OLF or any other party? Why on the church? What is this all about?

The truth is, there is an ongoing campaign on the church which we are not clear at the moment.

I am sorry, for you! I cannot support a leader who never stands up and speak up for my rights! I don’t cheer up for a leader who shades my tears through romantic speeches and colorful pictures. No Way Sir! That is not even a quality of undemocratic and dictatorial regime, this is simply unacceptable. Sorry, you go from my future and I am right! YOU ARE NOT MY CHOICE!

(Yetneberk Tadele, Media Analyst)

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