Ethiopia: Protest against government on abducted students called in Woldia

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A massive protest rally called in Woldia town against the government silence on university students abducted by the armed groups two months ago.

The government spokesperson a week ago said the students are safe but they are nowhere to be seen.

The incident occurred in Ethiopia’‘s Oromia region is the latest incident of growing insecurity at colleges across the country.

A female student said the group from Dembi Dollo University was abducted on December 4 when gunmen stopped a bus ferrying them to Addis Ababa from Dembi Dollo University, more than 600 kilometres (370 miles) to the west.

According to National Movement of Amhara there is an all-out attacks on ethic Amhara students in the Oromo region of Ethiopia and that the abductors are holding the 17 abductees as a hostage until “Government returns all ethnic Oromo students in Amhara region back to Oromia region”.

Parents are asking for whereabouts of their children but the government kept quite. This led Woldia town residents to call a protest rally for tomorrow Satuday, January 25, 2020




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