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Ethiopia: OFC says Jawar Mohammed is Ethiopian as Electoral Board demands citizenship proof for 2nd time

Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) executive member Tiruneh Gemta said Jawar Mohammed, who recently joined OFC, is an Ethiopian citizen.

Tiruneh said this following a letter, the second of its type, sent to OFC by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) demanding the party to present proof of Jawar’s Ethiopian citizenship status.

Jawar Mohammed, who held a US citizenship, has renounced his US citizenship, according to Tiruneh. A letter written by Jawar to the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs on January 22/2020 and received by an officer named Atikilti Abraha on the same day, requested the immigration office for re-admission of citizenship.

In the two pages letter Jawar stated that he attached with the letter nine different supporting documents as required by the law. Among the documents listed, No. 4 stated that he has attached a copy of a letter from the US embassy in Addis Abeba written on January 06/2020 announcing that he has renounced his US citizenship.

No. 5 of the same letter stated that a certificate of loss of his US nationality given to him by the US embassy in Addis Abeba on January 06/2020 was attached along with other documents.

Apart from those, the letter described having other supporting documents such as copy of his previous Ethiopian passport, documents corroborating his return to Ethiopia as of August 2018 and copy of an ID indicating that he was residing in Ethiopia, all of which are required by Ethiopian nationality proclamation for re-admission to Ethiopian nationality. AS

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