A world confined: FRANCE 24 reports from India to Ethiopia

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France 24

In the second edition of our new show “A World Confined” on the Covid-19 pandemic, FRANCE 24 brings you four reports from our correspondents around the globe.

In India, millions of people still cannot work due to lockdown measures. For those who normally live paycheque to paycheque, the situation is increasingly desperate. Meanwhile, those with life-threatening conditions are being turned away from some hospitals in the capital, as our New Delhi correspondent Mandakini Gahlot and her team report.

Throughout the world, many are faced with a stark choice: break the law and continue to work, risking their health, or stay at home and rely on increasingly limited or perhaps even non-existent state subsidies. That’s the situation in Tunisia, as our correspondent Lilia Blaise and her team report.

We also take you to Ethiopia, where despite a low number of coronavirus cases, a state of emergency has been imposed and elections have been postponed. Our correspondent Maria Gerth-Niculescu reports.

We end in China, where the virus originated. The lockdown there is slowly easing and people now need an app to prove they are healthy. How well does it work and is the Chinese state using the app to spy on its citizens? Our correspondent Charles Pellegrin and his team have the story.



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