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Radical’s message to Ethiopia: for qerroo

Here is the English translation of the message in the video: “If they block he roads to Addis Ababa, we must lock these people in their houses and burn them. If they also close Addis Ababa, then the Menze people (she meant Amhara people) in Negelle town, Arsi zone have no where to go and we must finish them there.”

“They must be finished, they must leave our land. Our enemies must be avoided. Those Oromos who are trying to help them also must be targeted. we can no longer tolerate them.”

“I am sending this message to Qerroo in that country. If they close the other door, you should also close their doors and remember, not one or two people but hundreds of hem must be killed.”

Note fom the editor: We could not confim the exact location where the lady is speaking but we assume it was in Mennesota in the US since the video was released in the first day of the protest after the death of Haccalu Hundessa last week.

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