Court releases Keria Ibrahim & Other three on bail

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A Federal court in Addis Abeba released on bail Keria Ibrahim – a member  decision making body of TPLF party accused of carrying deadly attack on federal army in early November, last year.

The court ruled in favour of releasing keria, former speaker of the House of Federation, and other three former officials of Tigray regional on 30, 000 birr bail during its session on Thursday morning, accordingto Ethiopian News Agency.

Keria is first of many Tplf officials that surrendered to government armed forces during the rule of law operation in Northern Ethiopia.

She had previously left the government and became a member of the executive committee of the now-outlawed Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

Federal authorities have launched a manhunt for TPLF leaders since army forces on Nov. 28 took control of the regional capital, Mekele, the last bastion of the TPLF, ending weeks of clashes.

On Nov. 4, the government launched what it described as a law enforcement operation against the TPLF after the group attacked an army base in Tigray.

Heavy fighting ensued, leading to the displacement of more than 41,000 Ethiopians to neighboring Sudan.



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