Ethiopia summons its ambassador to Ireland

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Diplomatic sources on Friday said that the Ethiopian government has summoned, Eshetu Dessie, its ambassador to Ireland, after outraged by the actions of the Irish government in connection with crises in the troubled northern Tigray region.

Ireland is a country that is playing a leading role for the United Nations and the European Union to impose sanctions against Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa says Ireland’s actions are detrimental to the interests of the Ethiopian people and government.

According to sources, Ethiopia has summoned its ambassador to headquarters for “Consultations”.

Cut diplomatic ties

“Ireland’s activities are in contrary with the existing friendship between the two countries” sources said citing to government reactions adding that its current actions might have a significant negative impact on the future relations between the two countries.

Nation has learned that if the Irish government continues its “negative roles”, the Ethiopian government will make a decision to cut diplomatic ties with Ireland and might be close its embassy.

In connection with Tigray conflict, the European Union (EU) last week announced  that it has temporarily suspended Ethiopia from its list of key strategic partner countries.

EU’s previous position was that Addis Ababa must engage in dialogue with TPLF, the former Tigray region governing party turned insurgent group after federal forces took control of the regional capital, Mekelle, in late November last year.

Turmoil and conflicts

However, in a major turn of events, the  European Union on Thursday has come to a conclusion that it has changed its position on the Tigray crisis saying that “Ethiopia is a strategic partner and a multifaceted key player” that should be maintained in EU’s key regional partner list.

The statement argued that Ethiopia is currently in a state of internal turmoil and conflicts and instability must be avoided so that the armed conflict in Tigray does not exacerbate tensions in the Horn of Africa.

While recognizing Ethiopia’s ‘law enforcement operation’ in Tigray region, the EU called on the Ethiopian government to work with the European Union and the African Union to resolve the conflict politically in order to maintain stability in the region.

EU stressed a need to working with the Ethiopian government as a crucial means to stabilize and resolve the crisis in Tigray further adding that “Ethiopia has made significant strides in political-economic reforms and democratic transition.”

The Union reiterated its concern over the humanitarian situation in Tigray, but said the solution was to strengthen and support to the Ethiopian government’s efforts.



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