Ethiopians in Geneva Denounce Foreign Interference in Internal Affairs of Ethiopia

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Ethiopians in Switzerland, Geneva have denounced the interference of some foreign countries and international organizations in the internal affairs of Ethiopia regarding the current situation in Tigray region.

The Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians denounced foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country in a demonstration held on Monday in Geneva.

Some foreign countries and international organizations have been unjustly trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and make unnecessary pressure on the country based on fake information being disseminated by the TPLF cliques across the world.

The demonstrators urged the international community particularly the UN, EU and US not to wrongly act based on fake information disseminated by members and collaborators of TPLF.

They also called on the countries and organizations to make the necessary effort in order to understand the reality on the ground about the matter and stop pressurizing Ethiopia based on unfounded allegations.

The demonstrators have also stressed the need to respect the sovereignty of the country by refraining from meddling in internal affairs, according to the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency.



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