Afar and Somali Regional States agreed to amicably resolve disputes along their borders – Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace

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Ethiopia’s Ministry of Peace issued a statement declaring that the Afar and Somali regional states have agreed to amicably resolve disputes along their borders.

The agreement came after latest border clashes between the two neighboring regional states reportedly left at least 100 people dead.

The latest clashes broke out on Friday and continued through Tuesday and the regional states blamed one another for triggering the clashes.

The agreement was reached in the presence of regional presidents following a consultative meeting chaired by Muferihat Kamil, Minister of Peace.

In 2014 the boundary between the two states was redrawn by the federal government, then headed by a multi-ethnic ruling coalition, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). Three small towns were transferred to Afar from Somali, which has since tried to win them back.



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