TPLF’s Getachew Reda dismissed recent statement by Lieutenant General Bacha Debele as ‘full of jokes’ (video)

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Focal person of the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Getachew Reda dismissed claims by Ethiopian Military General that large members of TPLF force had been killed in massive offensive by the Ethiopian army.

Lieutenant General Bacha Debele in a recent statement said the National Defense Forces of Ethiopia had neutralized several troops of TPLF force largely guards of fugitive leaders in eight fronts.

In a telephone interview with the Tigray Media House, Getachew dismissed the general’s statement as ‘full of jokes’.  The statement was meant to divert attention and hide their fear as the TPLF force was advancing in all fronts.

He said the TPLF force has rather transformed into offensive to launch attacks against what he called Abiy’s forces at any time and anywhere.

According to Getachaw, the offensive is taking place not only in the territory of Tigray region but also in other places particularly in Amhara regional state. Video:



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