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Djibouti underscores importance of ties with Ethiopia

(Prensa Latina) Djibouti’s government on Friday assured that its ties with Ethiopia contribute to the domestic overall growth, and stated its willingness to diversify and strengthen them in the near future.

‘We grant great importance to our relations and want to promote them for the benefit of our two peoples,’ Djibouti´s foreign minister, Mahamoud Ali Youssouf, said at a meeting with Ethiopian Ambassador Berhanu Tsegave.

´We have strong ties that are an example for our neighboring countries and we are set to work on a fast track and efficiently on multiple agreements,’ he emphasized.

for his part, Tsegave reviewed the current affairs in his country and noted the situation in Tigray, the trilateral negotiations on the Great Renaissance Dam project and the preparations for general elections rescheduled for June 21.

According to him, in the northern state, Ethiopian authorities have distributed food and other goods for over 4.5 million people in a first round, and they subsequently benefited 2.7 million citizens.

´Besides, Addis Abeba supplies most of the humanitarian aid in the region, while collaboration from other countries and international organizations only gets nearly 33 percent,’ he pointed out.

The diplomat underlined that concerning security, both nations will consolidate bilateral alliances, and lauded Djibouti’s Government for extraditing three members of the Popular Liberation Front in Tigray who were wanted by Ethiopian justice.

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