10-Point Statment by the Amhara People of Wolkait-Tegede

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The Wolkait Tegede Amharas, have held freedom demonstrations in five chosen cities of our zone (Humera, Baeker, Maikadra, Wof Argif and Dansha) for five consecutive days from June10 to June 14, 2021. In all the cities, public demonstrations are held in the morning, and in the afternoon, members of the public at all levels held a public meeting with our zonal leaders.

The basic purpose of the demonstration and the public conference is to voice out that we do not negotiate on our national sovereignty, inheritance and identity, and to call for justice and compensation for genocide perpetrated on our people by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) for over the past 30 years; in addition, we demand for the TPLF leadership to be held accountable in the International Court of Justice. Based on this, we have issued 10-point statement following the introduction below:

We, the Wolkait-Tegede Amharas, for the past three decades have been repressed and banned from speaking in public about the organizational oppression and deliberate genocide. To fight these injustices, we have tried every possible means for thirty years from raising arms as “Kefagn” Fano movement to presenting our question peacefully forming a Wolkait-Tegede Amhara identity committee. All of our struggles during this period have been fraught with many challenges and sacrifices. Sadly, only few people, from the local to the international community, have understood our history of sacrifice for three decades.

Ever since TPLF’s attempt of kidnapping thwarted by the dauntless Colonel Demeke Zewdu in Gondar city on July 12, 2016, the Wolkait-Tegede Amhara identity committee entered into a new chapter of intensified struggle. And, it played a key role in the political change of the country happened in March 2018, which forced the TPLF to leave throne in Addis Ababa and fortify at Mekelle.

During the change, although the oppression on the Amharas of Wolkait Tegede has continued to intensify, in the last minute, the publicly supported struggle of the quest for identity has maneuvered the TPLF’s act of treason on the country into a good fortune. The Creator always stands with the oppressed and the repressed; He hears the cries and anguish of the downtrodden, and thus made the TPLF juntas commit a heinous act of treachery that brought its downfall. They back stabbed the Ethiopian defense force on the night of November 03, 2020.

This act of treason could be attributed as an immediate cause of its downfall, but its centuries-old atrocities and genocide have led to TPLF’s historic defeat. The people of Wolkait-Tegede have joined forces with the federal and Amhara security forces to liberate themselves and the country from the invaders and the traitors. Thus, we do not allow any force to interfere with the freedom we have gained though great sacrifices. Soon after gaining our freedom, we are hearing unbalanced political conspiracies that inflict more scars and wounds on our history of subjugation and oppression from forces outside and inside the country.

This case of perversion of justice is not only act of betrayal because of lack of evidence and evidence based on facts, but also a disgrace and a shameful act to associate and collaborate with a group that is considered politically, or otherwise, a “terrorist” by a sovereign state. This is not just only a case of perversion of justice, a lack of evidence and evidence based on facts, but also a disgrace and a shameful act to associate and collaborate with a group that it considers a “terrorist” politically or otherwise by a sovereign state.
Below, we, the Wolkait Tegede Amharas, make a clear statement to the Ethiopian nation and nationalities, to the relevant government bodies and to the international community regarding our position.
10-point statement

1) It is known that Ethiopia’s foreign policy and implementation is based on the promotion and respect of cooperation, mutual benefit, and sovereignty. However, since the law enforcement action was taken against the terrorist TPLF group, foreign forces have been exerting pressure on Ethiopia. Ethiopia, with a history of thousands of years, has maintained its sovereignty with the pride, heroism and sacrifice of its children. Today, this national pride, heroism and sacrifice continue in the new generation.

Therefore, we will not compromise on the sovereignty of our motherland, Ethiopia, for any decisions that violate Ethiopia’s sovereignty, or for foreign powers to intervene in our internal affairs!
2) It is known that the friendship between Ethiopia and the United States has lasted for more than one hundred and twenty years.

The United States is commended for its support and cooperation with Ethiopia in the region in the fight against terrorism, in education, agriculture, and health. However, the United States, a strategic partner in the fight against terrorism in East Africa, has today imposed travel ban on Ethiopian government officials in support of the terrorist regime on wrong assumption. This decision would be a heavy loss not only for the region but also for the United States and the West.

In East African politics, which is a hallmark of dynamic politics, we call on the United States and a few of its allies to reconsider their stance on their foreign policy as they are supporting the terrorist TPLF that seeks to destabilize neighboring Eritrean as well. Supporting the TPLF in any way is to encourage acts of terrorism.
The current situation in Ethiopia has a higher mission than law enforcement; a key feature of the mission is a war on terror. We call on the United States and its closest allies, who are committed in a fight against terrorism, to look into the situation in Ethiopia, particularly in checking their sources of information, as what Ethiopia is doing is a matter of clearing terrorists from the region.

3) The genocide perpetrated against the people of Wolkait-Tegede Amhara has been denied of world attention for the past thirty years. Perhaps, the only thing that is felt by the majority of Ethiopians and some members of the international community is the genocide that took place in Maikadra on November 10, 2020, after the start of law enforcement crackdown. But, over the past 30 years, we have seen a lot of atrocities like Maikadra.

Genocide, in any part of the world, begins at one time and lasts for relatively shorter time, but what happened in Wolkait-Tegede is different in its type and execution. For over thirty years, we have been systematically prosecuted everyday with support of governmental structure uninterruptedly. As a result, tens of thousands of Amharas have been killed because of their identity.

An unknown number of our people have been kidnapped and tortured in Mekelle and other unknown places. Many have passed away in those prisons. During the 30-year TPLF apartheid era, some 500,000 Wolkait-Tegede Amharas were displaced from the lowlands and highlands to the neighboring countries, to Gondar, and even to Addis Ababa.

Wolkait-Tegede Amhara has now regained its lost identity because of our ardent struggle process and TPLF’s act of treason on National Guard. What we, the Wolkait-Tegede Amharas, want to reassure to the foreign powers that meddle in the internal affairs of Ethiopia and make a decision is that we have not taken any land, but retrieved our stolen identity! The Amhara Special Forces are not in Tigray but in Wolkait-Tegede! We do not ask for what is not ours; we do not give that which is ours! Our identity is Amhara, our border is Tekeze!
4) Genocide has been declared against the Amhara people in Wolkait-Tegede since the formation of the TPLF apartheid regime. For this, we have human witness and mass graves to present as evidence. From the mass graves at Humera Airport to the massacre of Maikadra, and from the massacre of our people in dungeon caves to underground prisons are among the living evidences.

We would like to inform that our door is open for any independent and autonomous human rights organization to come to Wolkait-Tegede to investigate the genocide. We believe that a genocide meeting international standards has been perpetrated on the Wolkait-Tegede Amharas, and the world did not hear of it.

Therefore, we demand that the perpetrators be brought before the International Court of Justice! We urge you, both local and foreign human rights organizations, to join us in our efforts to bring the perpetrators of the genocide against the Amhara people of Wolkait Tegede to justice.

5) Wolkait-Tegede Amharas, which were ruled by the invading and terrorist TPLF, have suffered severe human and economic losses over the past thirty years. Many of our people were massacred. The bitter fate of dealing with death knocked at every door of Wolkait-Tegede households because of their identity. We were persecuted and displaced. We were robbed of our possessions.

To this end, we seek redress for the injustices we have suffered in accordance with international experience. While the compensation we claim does not restore the lives of the tens of thousands of our people who have lost their lives during the thirty-year apartheid regime of TPLF, we will continue to push for justice and compensation, as recognition of atrocities committed on us will heal our wounds.

6) We call on the Federal Government of Ethiopia, in collaboration with the international community, to make the repatriation of five hundred thousand of our people displaced from Wolkait-Tegede outraged by the tyranny of the TPLF.

7) Regarding our administrative independence, we, Wolkait-Tegede Amharas, have the same resolution as was yesterday. We only welcome a good neighbor from Tigray, not a forced administration. Today, we are free from that tyrannical administration; no one can testify about our identity more than we do. We will not differentiate any administrative force that intends to come from Tigray from that of the terrorist TPLF regime. The quest for Wolkait-Tegede Amhara identity is a closed Agenda!
Not only the brotherly people of Tigray whom we share natural border like Tekeze River with, but the entire Ethiopian nation and nationalities can also live in peace and freedom in Wolkait-Tegede as it used to be. Those people from Tigray, Kunama, Irob who believed in the government system change and in permanent and lasting public relations are still living peacefully and safely in our zone. Our zone is open to Ethiopian nationalities who abide by law and order. However, since we are Amhara in identity, we, the Amharas of Wolkait-Tegede, strongly urge the House of Federation to uphold the rule of law in confirming our administrative region with that of Amhara region.
9) The question of Wolkait-Tegede Amhara identity is shared by all justice and freedom loving Ethiopians; we believe that they made the question as their own. Distinguished Ethiopian Nation and Nationalities, what Wolkait-Tegede Amharas are asking is this, ‘Our identity is Amhara; we call on you to stand by us more than ever!
10) We have been subjected to three decades of oppression and genocide. We will never wish for others to go through what we have gone through. We wish Ethiopia to gain its lasting peace and stability and achieve its overall prosperity. In this hard time, we ask the local and foreign media to demonstrate their loyalty to their profession in disseminating information. In particular, we call on the Western media, which claims to have a democratic culture and a well-developed system, to refrain from its misleading and unbalanced information about Wolkait-Tegede and to adhere to its institutional professionalism.

We call on the patriotic Ethiopians to speak out to those international Medias that serve as the messenger of TPLF terrorist group by disseminating distorted facts on ground.

Finally Drawing strength from the spirit of the victory of Adwa, we will overcome the national challenges we face today! Adwa is a symbol of victory, the strength of Ethiopian unity, patriotism and invincibility. Whatever pressure and imposition we face as a nation, we will prevail on it with the spirit of victory in Adwa. We are the children of our fathers. At the same time, it is only through mercilessly fighting that we shall send to their grave those historically defeated collaborators like the TPLF who are hanging behind Ethiopia’s historical enemies and misguided foreign forces.

Although our hands are always stretched out for love, we have no mercy for terrorists.
We will not negotiate on our national sovereignty, inheritance, and identity!
Eternal glory to our National Defense Forces and the martyrs of the Amhara Security Forces!
God bless Ethiopia and its people!

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