Key points from the Ethiopian PM office press conference

Key points from the PM office press conference

  • It is one week since the PM went to the war front
  • The decision of offensive action was in order to avert the intensive movement of the TPLF towards the capital and their claim to over through the regime by force
  • It has been also mentioned about the leaked video last week from the US discussing how to over through the regime as a showcase.


  • The PM’s decision to join the army on the battlefield does not mean a change in the government’s principle position of a peaceful solution.
  • In the past few days, government forces retook key areas in Kasagita, Chifra, Burak, and advanced to Mille in the Afra region.
  • The government again calls the Tigray youth in the war should surrender to avoid bloodshed.
  • The State of Emergency command post has seized several weapons, communication equipment, uniforms stolen from police and army, fake ID cards, passports, illegal money, foreign fake currencies.
  • 1 million people displaced in the Amhara region, 5.6 million people have been affected in the region, humanitarian assistance provided by the government.


  • In the Afar region 260.000 IDPs (not accurate – will add up)
  • Two rounds of flights were conducted in the Tigray region with humanitarian assistance by international aid.
  • Embassies making terrorizing statements about Ethiopia and asking their citizens to leave.
  • Four takes force being set up for investigation following the report of human rights violations by UN and EHRC.
  •  Facebook and Twitter removing pro-Ethiopia voices and giving space for TPLF narratives.
  • Mainstream media demonizes the government to facilitate regime change.


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