TPLF Seeking Alliance With Opposition Parties Of Neighboring Countries After It Sustained The Recent Casualty

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Sources told FBC that the terrorist TPLF is seeking alliance with opposition parties operating in neighboring countries after it sustained heavy casualty from the recent “Operation for Unity in Diversity” led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Reliable sources told FBC that the terrorist group is now toiling to garner patronage from parties that are acting in opposition to governments of neighboring nations and other elements it thought to in allegiance with its destructive mission.

Through its members it infiltrated into neighboring countries under the guise of refugees, the terrorist group tried to negotiate with opposition groups in Sudan and South Sudan, sources disclosed.

Individuals working for the leader of the terrorist group Debretsion Gebremichael and another wanted person named General Fiseha are said to have discussed with some Sudanese government officials, according to the sources.

General Fiseha is a training of the terrorist TPLF’s killing squad named “Samri” in Sduan. Samir is terrorist TPLF’s wing trained in Sudan and prepared to enter Ethiopia via West Gondar. This squad which is meant for genocidal purpose could not enter the Ethiopian territory due to strong counteroffensives.

It is to be recalled that the “Samri” Group fled Ethiopia after it had massacred hundreds of innocent civilians in Mai Kadra.

The discussion between TPLF’s men and the Sudanese officials was focused on getting some technological support aimed to avert the offensives carried out by the Government of Ethiopia.

The Sudanese side told the TPLF cliques that request to the support is beyond their capacity, and they would secure it from Egypt, according to sources.

In related story, the sources said that Riek Machar’s men had pledged to arm people affiliated to TPLF and infiltrate them through Gambella.

Some officials from the South Sudan government have involved in the conspiracy, it is stated.

According to the sources, the brother of Siya Abraha, Assefa Abraha is reportedly ready to give a 3 Million USD bribe to South Sudanese government officials as part of the intrigue they are involving in together.

In this regard, while contacted by FBC, Ambassador of South Sudan to Ethiopia, James Pitta Morgan said that his country is committed to enhance its partnership with Ethiopia.

The Ambassador added that Salva Kiir Mayardit’s government has no any contact or relationship with the terrorist TPLF, rather the President is committed to peace and prosperity of Ethiopia.

Ambassador Pitta Morgan said his government doesn’t know whereabouts of Riek Machar right now. The rebels in Gambella have a relationship with Riek Machar and the terrorist TPLF is toiling to exploit such a situation, Ambassador Pitta Morgan said.

Meanwhile, Ambassador of Sudan to Ethiopia has not been collaborative to immediately respond to the questions FBC raised to him regarding the alleged intrusion of the Sudanese forces in Ethiopia’s internal affairs.



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