This year’s Nobel peace prize was awarded to the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. In his eighteen months in office, Prime Minister Ahmed has torn down Ethiopia’s old authoritarian regime through a series of liberal reforms. His domestic policy includes liberating thousands of political prisoners and the press, inviting exiles […]

“There is no question that Jawar Mohammed has become a formidable political force in Ethiopia. Thanks to technology, he is able to garner support from gullible, uneducated, and extremist elements of our society… ” Tibebe Samuel By Tibebe Samuel Ferenji October 23, 2019 Merriam Webster defines terrorism as “the systematic […]

Ethiopia is slowly sleepwalking into ethnic war. Can it be averted? In 2004, the former Chairman of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) party, Hailu Shawul, held a conference in Addis Ababa before the election. In his speech, Hailu told the crowd that he was not worried about the […]

Jawar Mohammed’s latest religious war on Ethiopia kills at least 70 over the week and the radical Islamist activist also declared an election campaign with the backing of Aljazeera and other sponsors. Analysis by Solomon Aregawi A deadly violence called by Jawar Mohamed and his rebels kills at least 70 […]